Tuesday Morning

Breakfast Forum
Charlotte, NC


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Missing piece is

leaders who believe in kids' ability to learn


Jan. 31, 2012

The speech drew more than a handful of the Charlotte-based leaders of New Leaders, a nonprofit pushing for better-trained schoolhouse leaders nationwide. They just might have been there to hear from the boss.

Jean Desravines, above, is the New York-based CEO of New Leaders, the group formerly known as New Leaders for New Schools. He addressed the Tuesday Morning Breakfast Forum this morning and answered questions.

Below will be video clips from his initial comments, then his answers to questions.

His staff passed out to participants two color brochures. The files below are in B&W, and each brochure was scanned in two parts because of file size.

The first brochure is titled "Aspiring Principals Program: Transforming Schools and Students' Lives," part A and part B, and explains the group's "signature program" to designed to lure corporate and other leaders back to the schools  and train them to be effective principals focused on turning around underperforming students and their schools.

The second brochure is titled "Emerging Leaders Program: Developing the Next Generation of Leaders," part A and part B, and explains a less costly talent-identification program aimed at existing teachers and administrators.

Other materials are on the New Leaders website.

New Leaders operates in about 12 U.S. communities. It has had staff in Charlotte since 2008 and has placed several of its alums in Project L.I.F.T. schools. Desravines refers to L.I.F.T. in his comments below.




Initial comments, in two parts



Q: Children are having children, and many of the kids involved are the ones who don't graduate. How does your leadership model address that?




Q: Are you teaching these new leaders how to overcome the unique damage that has been visited on African-American children by their history?




More video clips from the Q&A will be posted anon.




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