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County commissioner district candidates in May 8 primaries


April 3, 2012

Four of the candidates facing May 8 primaries for district seats on the Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners addressed the Forum Tuesday.

Attendance was sparse in part because a planned Tuesday morning electrical outage for a number of streets near West Charlotte High School forced a one-week move from the West Charlotte Recreation Center to the Wallace Pruitt Center adjoining Bruns Avenue Elementary School. The Forum thanks the staff of Wallace Pruitt for their hospitality.

Participating were Keith Bradford, a District 1 Democrat; Paula Harvey, a District 5 Democrat; Sarah Cherne, a District 5 Republican; and Ed Driggs, a District 6 Republican.

Videos are below of the 2-minute introductory comments. They are posted in the order in which they were given, so that the occasional reference to a previous speaker will make sense to those who watch all the videos.


Introductory comments

Keith Bradford, Democrat, District 1


Paula Harvey, Democrat, District 5


Sarah Cherne, Republican District 5


Ed Driggs, Repubican, District 6


Excerpts from the Q&A

1: What's wrong with education? Who is your presidential candidate?

2. How do you close the racial economic gap when the education system is dysfunctional?



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