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County commissioner candidates

in May 8 primary for at-large seats


March 27, 2012

Ten of the 12 Democrats and one of the five Republicans involved in May 8 primaries for at-large seats on the Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners addressed the Forum today.

Videos are below of their 2-minute introductory comments. They are posted in the order in which they were given, so that the occasional candidate to a previous speaker will make sense to those who watch all the videos.











Introductory comments

Craig Madans,  Democrat


Robert L. Hillman, Democrat


Jyoti Friedland, Democrat


Trevor Fuller, Democrat


Paul M. Brown, Sr., Democrat


Oronde McLean, Democrat


Pat Cotham, Democrat


Gregory Hunt, Democrat


Wayne Powers, Republican


Harry Taylor, Democrat


Kim Michele Ratliff, Democrat



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