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Update on Democratic National Convention


Feb. 7, 2012

Three leaders in their fields addressed the Forum Tuesday about elements of the Democratic National Convention planned for Charlotte in September.

Speaking first was Aisha Dew, above right, who is Chair of the Mecklenburg Democratic Party. Speaking second was Vi Lyles, above center, director of community outreach for the Democratic National Convention Host Committee. Third was Courtney Counts, above left, director of volunteer operations for the DNC Host Committee.

Below are videos of their initial comments, then excerpts from the Q&A that followed.

Aisha Dew, Chair, Mecklenburg Democratic Party


Vi Lyles, Director of Community Outreach, DNC Host Committee


Courtney Counts, Director of Volunteer Operations, DNC Host Committee


Excerpts from the Q&A


Q: On scale of 1 to 10, how far is Host Committee toward its fund-raising goal, and how will Host Committee ensure ethnic inclusion in service contracts?



Q: How will Susan Burgess's role in attracting the convention be recognized?


Q. How will volunteers choose their events, and how will they get in the convention arena?


Q: How will you involve youth, and add more venues to the list of 13 just announced?


Q: How can small Charlotte-area vendors compete for DNC contracts with national and international firms?


Q: What age youth will participate as volunteers at DNC events?


Q: What are the responsibilities of convention delegates, and how can nonprofits get involved in the event?





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