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Charlotte, NC


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New leaders of CMS Board of Education

Jan. 17, 2012

CMS Board Chairperson Ericka Ellis-Stewart and Vice-Chairperson Mary McCray addressed the Forum today.

They were joined at the front table by District 3 board member Joyce Waddell and District 2 board member Richard McElrath. There were two initial comments, below, and then a Q&A.

When McCray and Ellis-Stewart had to leave for the regular Tuesday morning meeting with Supt. Hugh Hattabaugh, Waddell and McElrath continued to answer questions.



1.  Initial comments by Ericka Ellis-Stewart, chairperson of the CMS Board of Education, elected at-large in November 2011 and named to be chairperson by the board in December. (3:32)



2. Initial comments by Mary McCray, vice-chairperson of the CMS Board of Education, elected at-large in November 2011 and named to be vice-chairperson by the board in December. (1:55)




3. What's on the agenda to address the educational crisis our children face? (4:34)



4. What are your views on high-stakes testing for our youngest children? (2:40)



5. Will you let the Observer's editorial content shape your thinking? (2:16)



6. How does the applicant pool work for filling principal vacancies? And will Rocky River High School get a "second-chance" principal? (3:26)



 7. How will teacher equity across schools be measured? (1:38)



8. Why, two weeks ago, was a representative of a student at a CMS disciplinary reassignment hearing so rudely escorted out of the room? (1:35)




9. What will this board do to make its graduates more employable? (3:58)




10. How strongly will you support Project L.I.F.T.? (9:03)




11. What can citizens do to support CMS? (2:38)


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