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N.C. Treasurer pledges
more efforts to place

funds with minority

investment firms


Feb. 15, 2011

Speaking a day after Gov. Bev Perdue's State of the state Address, N.C. Treasurer reviewed some of the issues before this year's General Assembly in a conversation with the Tuesday Morning Breakfast Forum.

 Click the arrow at left to hear her introductory comments (16:30). Below are video clips of some her answers from the Q&A session.


Minority inclusion in investment work

The bulk of the money invested by the N.C. Treasurer represents money owed to those who have already retired from state-funded jobs, as well as all current state-funded workers who are part of the state's pension plan. In the clips below, Cowell talks about the department's track record of involving minority-owned firms in that work; the constitutional and statutory rules that end up keeping such involvement low; her efforts to reach out to minority communities; and other funds under her control that might be used to increase minority inclusion in the investment work.



The work of the Treasurer's office

In the clips below, Cowell made a case that North Carolina has been well-served by the independence of the N.C. Treasurer, who is elected statewide. She outlined the recent report of a panel she created to offer suggestions on the pension fund's structure. And she described in layman's terms how action has been taken to ensure that all money committed by the legislature is properly deposited into the funds under her investment control.




Other comments

Cowell answered questions about discussion in the legislature about removing the cap on charter schools, and on their governance. She talked about how, historically, the legislature has identified where lottery profits would go. And when asked, "Who are you?" she responded with a narrative of her work experience and how it prepared her for her current position.









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