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Nov. 2, 2010

Thanks to all the people of Mecklenburg County who stood for election.

 Mecklenburg voters' choices in the races listed are in bold type.


Final turnout was 37.77%, with 227,648 votes cast, in unofficial returns.

The last votes were reported at 12:59 a.m. Wednesday.



U.S. Senate

Richard Burr (R) was elected

Elaine Marshall (D) carried Mecklenburg

Michael Beitler (L)



U.S. House

District 8

   Thomas Hill (L)

   Harold Johnson (R)

   Larry Kissell (D)


District 9

   Jeff Doctor (D)

   Sue Myrick (R)


District 12

   Lon Cecil (L)

   Greg Dority (R)

   Mel Watt (D)


Board of County Commissioners


   Harold Cogdell, Jr. (D) (3rd)

   Dan Murrey (D) (4th)

   Jim Pendergraph (R) (2nd)

   Dan Ramirez (R) (5th)

   Jennifer Roberts (D) (1st)

   Jack Stratton (L)

   Corey Thompson (R) (6th)


District 1

   Karen Bentley (R)


 District 2

   Vilma Leake (D)

   Lee Ann Patton (R)


District 3

   George Dunlap (D)

   Barbara Eveland (R)


District 4

   Dumont Clarke (D)

   Virginia Mewborne Spykerman (R)


District 5

   Neil Cooksey (R)


District 6

   Bill James (R)



Chipp Bailey (D)

Christopher R. Hailey (R)



Soil & Water Conservation District

John Autry

Michael Entrekin

Hardy McConnell

Dempsey Miller

David Michael Rice


N.C. House

District 98

   Jackie Smith (D) withdrew

   Thom Tillis (R)


District 99

   Rodney W. Moore (D)

   Michael T. Wilson (R)


District 100

   Tricia Cotham (D)

   Joe O'Neill (R) withdrew


District 101

   Beverly Miller Earle (D)

   Rebecca H. Steen (R)


District 102

   Becky Carney (D)

   Matt Miller (R) withdrew


District 103

   Bill Brawley (R)

   Ann Newman (D)


District 104

   Frank Deaton (D)

   Ruth Samuelson (R)


District 105

   Ric Killian (R)


District 106

   Martha Alexander (D)

   Michael Cavallo (R)


District 107

   Kelly Alexander (D)

   Debbie Ware (R)


N.C. Senate

District 35

   Ed McGuire (D)

   Tommy Tucker (R)


District 37

   Daniel (Dan) Clodfelter (D)

   C. Morgan Edwards (R)


District 38

   Charlie Dannelly (D)

   Cedric Scott (R)


District 39

   Robert (Bob) Rucho (R)


District 40

   John Aneralla (R)

   Malcolm Graham (D)



District Attorney

Michael D. Barnes (D)

Andrew Murray (R)



Clerk of Superior Court

Martha Curran (R)


District Court (26)

Lisa Bell

Twyla E. Hollingsworth


Jena P. Culler

Donald Cureton, Jr.


Tyyawdi Monique Hands

Sean Smith


Rickye McKoy-Mitchell


Paige B. McThenia


Regan A. Miller


Theo Nixon


Matt Osman

Tim Smith


Becky Thorne Tin


Superior Court 26B

Bill Constangy

Hugh Lewis

Nancy Norelli

F. Lane Williamson


Eric L. Levinson



N.C. Court of Appeals

John F. Bloss

J. Wesley Casteen

Chris Dillon

Jewel Ann Farlow

Daniel E. Garner

Stan Hammer

Mark E. Klass

Doug McCullough

Anne Middleton

Harry E. Payne, Jr.

John Sullivan

Cressie Thigpen

Pamela M. Vesper


Ann Marie Calabria

Jane Gray


Rick Elmore

Steven Walker


Martha Geer

Dean R. Poirier


Sanford Steelman



N.C. Supreme Court

Robert C. (Bob) Hunter

Barbara Jackson


City Bonds

Street bonds approved

Housing bonds approved

Neighborhood improvement bonds approved




The Forum welcomes all persons to its meetings beginning at 8:30 a.m. most Tuesdays
of the year at the West Charlotte Recreation Center, 2222 Kendall Drive, Charlotte, NC
down the hill from West Charlotte High School.