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Breakfast Forum
Charlotte, NC


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Harry Taylor, Nick Mackey and Kelly Alexander flank moderator Jackie Edwards Walton at the Oct. 21 Forum.

Incentives for ailing economy dominate discussion 

Oct. 21, 2008

Incentives for small businesses trying to survive or grow in the current economic downturn dominated discussion at the Tuesday Morning Breakfast Forum.

Participating in the discussion were Harry Taylor, Democratic candidate for the U.S. House in the 9th District; Nick Mackey, Democratic N.C. House candidate in District 99; and Kelly Alexander, Democratic N.C. House candidate in District 107. Moderator Jackie Edwards Walton announced that all Democratic and Republican candidates in the N.C. House races had been invited. The full candidate list is below.






































N.C. House candidates

District 98
    Thom Tillis, Republican

District 99
   Nick Mackey, Democrat
   Dempsey Miller, Republican

District 100
   Tricia Cotham, Democrat
   Tom White, Republican

District 101
   Beverly Miller Earle, Democrat
   Beth Marlin, Republican

District 102
   Becky Carney, Democrat
   Gregory Patrick Hill, Republican

District 103
   Jim Gulley, Republican
   Mark Brody, unaffiliated

District 104
   Ruth Samuelson, Republican

District 105
   Ric Killian, Republican

District 106
   Martha Alexander, Democrat

District 107
   Kelly Alexander, Democrat
   Gary Hardee, Republican





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