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April 22, 2008

From left, Judge Donnie Hoover, Roderick Wright, Kimberly Best, Steve Kearney and Charlotte Brown-Williams.


5 candidates for District Court

Tuesday's Forum featured five candidates for District Court judgeships in Mecklenburg's District 26. Two were actually running against one another.

Judge Donnie Hoover was appointed to a vacancy by Gov. Mike Easley in January. He faces Daniel Power Roberts in November.

Roderick Wright, along with Gary Henderson who was not present, are in a May 6 primary with Thomas Moore for a seat now held by Moore.

Kimberly Best will face Judge Todd Owens in November.

And Steve Kearney and Charlotte Brown-Williams,will be on the May 6 ballot, along with William Soukup, in the race for the seat being vacated by Judge Hugh Campbell.
















District Court contests


From the N.C. Board of Elections website and a call to the Raleigh office, here is some information on the District 26 Judge races.


In the list below, the contested races are listed first, the uncontested races below.


All candidates are elected at-large, in a voting district that in Mecklenburg is the same as the county boundaries. (A map on the Mecklenburg Board of Elections website shows three state judiciary districts within Mecklenburg, but election officials say that map does not apply to the District Court primaries on May 6 or to the election for District Court judges in November.


There are 12 judgeships to be decided by November. They do not carry seat numbers. By tradition during election cycles, they are known by the last name of the incumbent -- or most recent occupant for vacant judgeships.


In the list below, if the incumbent is running, that name is listed first.


Only two District Court races appear on the May 6 primary: the Campbell seat, and the Moore seat, although the ballot does not include those identifiers. In both cases, the three-person races will be cut to two during the primary. All the seats, including the uncontested ones, will appear on the November ballot.


Campbell Seat: Charlotte Brown-Williams, William R. Soukup, Stephen W. Kearney.

Hoover Seat: Donnie Hoover, Daniel Power Roberts.

Mercer Seat: Fritz Mercer, John Totten.

Moore Seat: Thomas F. Moore Jr., Gary L. Henderson, Roderick Wright.

Owens Seat: Todd Owens, Kimberly Y. Best

Proctor Seat: Theo X. Nixon, Elizabeth Thornton Trosch.

Thalheimer Seat: Ben S. Thalheimer, William Irwin Belk.


Chapman Seat: Ronald L. Chapman.

Constangy Seat: Bill Constangy

Lewis Seat: Hugh Lewis

Mann Seat: Chrsty T. Mann

Trosch Seat: Louis A. Trosch, Jr.








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