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Charlotte, NC


Christmas Party 2006
        Repeat of wacky gifting game adds hilarity to fellowship

The Forum's Dec. 19 year-end party was a warm way to close out 2006. The morning began with a wonderful full breakfast brought by Lucy Bush. There was conversation, and there were carols led by Thomas Moore. And there was a most hilarious gift raffle operated for at least the second year in a row by Natheley McElrath.

The raffle began with about a dozen small donated items on a table. Again this year, the gift that attracted the most attention was a quality bottle of wine.

Each person at the Forum was issued two playing cards. As the names of the cards were read out, people came to the table to pick a gift. The gifts were soon spoken for.

The holder of the next card that McElrath read out was asked to claim a gift from someone who already had a gift. To much laughter, the new winner would heist the gift from the previous winner.

No count was kept of how many times gifts changed hands. But surely the wine bottle changed hands the very most. The final winner of the bottle gifted it at last to Forum co-founder Sarah Stevenson.

In the picture above, former school board member Louise Woods, right, opens a gift. Others pictured are, from left, Sarah Stevenson, Deacon Jones and Gyasi Foluke.

The Forum welcomes all persons to its meetings beginning at 8 a.m. most Tuesdays of the year
at the West Charlotte Recreation Center, 2222 Kendall Drive, Charlotte, NC
down the hill from West Charlotte High School.