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Public school advocacy group presents data on achievement

Meck Ed finds hope in data that shows some cities doing better than others











July 7, 2009

Kathy Ridge, left above, and Roslyn Allison-Jacobs of Mecklenburg Citizens for Public Education on Tuesday presented graphics and other information about student achievement, comparing CMS outcomes with N.C. counties and the nation and reporting scores on international tests.

The PDF file of their presentation is large – 3.5 mg. It can be downloaded at the Meck Ed website or from this site here. Or the individual pages may be scrolled through here.

The MeckEd presentation uses a number of slides from an April 2009 report, 108 pages, 1 mg., from McKinsey & Company titled, “Detailed findings on the economic impact of the achievement gap in America's Schools.” Download it here from a McKinsey site.

MeckEd officials also suggested another McKinsey report, a five-page PDF titled “The economic cost of the U.S. education gap” To read it online or download the PDF file after free registration,  click here or download it from this site here.


During the question period, Thomas Moore offered a musical thank-you to the presenters. Listen here.









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