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Tuesday Morning Breakfast Forum     tuesdayforumcharlotte.org


Sept. 23, 2014

Materials passed out at the Forum Tuesday included a palm card on the pro-sales tax campaign, and a CMS issues document on the same subject.

- - -

Robert Hillman announced the Wadsworth Foundation’s 3rd annual free Book Fair on Saturday, Oct. 4 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Little Rock Cultural Center at 7th & McDowell St. Details here or at the Foundation's website.

- - -

Pat Cotham announced that the Uptown Democratic Forum on Wednesday, Oct. 8 at noon would host Josh Stein, a prospective N.C. Attorney General candidate who represents an N.C. Senate district in Wake County, along with candidates for Appeals Court and Supreme Court seats on the November ballot.

- - -

Marc Friedland announced that the Mecklenburg Democratic Party needs poll watchers and poll workers for the Nov. 4 election. Volunteer by phone at 704-525-5843 or by e-mail.

- - -

Levester Flowers announced that Together4Meck, the group advocating a yes vote on Nov. 4 to authorize a quarter-cent sales tax increase to benefit education, libraries and arts, needs volunteers. Call Flowers at 704-968-3391.

- - -

Robin Bradford announced that she and LaTrice McRae will hold an information and volunteer meeting for their respective N.C. House and N.C. Senate campaigns on Friday, Sept. 26 in the NorthLake Mall food court at 11 a.m.

- - -

Dianna Davis announced that Carolina Kid News TV Show and Generation Nation, the former Kids Voting, will host a forum on Tuesday Oct. 14 at 7 p.m. at the Government Center Room 267 for County Commissioner candidates. Info: Davis at 704-777-9928 or by e-mail or Amy Farrell at 704-343-6999 or by e-mail.

- - -

Dianna Davis announced that volunteers are needed for the 2015 Charlotte African American Festival. Contact Davis at 704-777-9928 or by e-mail.

- - -

Dianna Davis announced an organizational meeting for a new political action committee for young adults age 18-40, to be held Friday Sept. 26 at 6 p.m. at 2520 Sardis Rd. N. More information: Davis at 704-777-9928.

- - -

Carrie Cook announced that the city bond referendum on the Nov. 4 ballot will not require a tax increase.

- - -

Ella Scarborough announced that the Black Women’s Caucus will hold its 5th annual kitchen conversation for candidates on Monday, Oct. 13 from 5-7:30 p.m. at Ebenezer Baptist Church, 2020 W. Sugar Creek Rd.

- - -

Carlenia Ivory announced a dinner on Friday, Oct. 31 with a politician, artists, educators and authors to mark Sarah Stevenson’s 89th birthday. Participation is free but will require a $35 Gantt Center membership. Ivory said more details would be announced later.

- - -

Travis Manigan announced that Sen. Kay Hagan’s office is available to serve constituent needs. He can be reached at Hagan’s office in Dilworth at 1520 South Blvd. Suite 205, by phone at 704-334-2448 or by e-mail.

- - -

Ty Turner announced that former Black Political Caucus members can renew their memberships through Oct. 11 to be eligible to vote for candidate endorsements on Oct. 12.

- - -

Robert Dawkins sent in an announcement of a Democracy NC Coalition Get Out the Vote Meeting for Thursday, Sept. 25 from 6-7:30 p.m. at the Hickory Grove branch library, 5935 Hickory Grove Rd.

- - -

Claire Green Fallon sent in an announcement that she will hold a town hall meeting on Sunday, Sept. 28 at 2 p.m. at the University City regional library, 301 E. W.T. Harris Blvd. Guests include Mayor Dan Clodfelter, City Manager Ron Carlee, Police Chief Rodney Monroe and Fire Chief John Hannan.

- - -

Bill Anderson sent in a newsletter about the formation of Together4Meck, the group advocating a yes vote on Nov. 4 to authorize a quarter-cent sales tax increase to benefit education, libraries and arts.

- - -

Jaye Maxx Alexander sent in a copy of Richard Burr’s Sept. 19 newsletter.

- - -

Ledger Morrissette sent in a copy of the September edition of the Link, the newsletter of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Community Relations Committee.

- - -

Sylvia Grier sent in an announcement of the coming together of former members of South Tryon Presbyterian Church under the name South End Presbyterian Church, ending a 20-year separation into Bread of Life Christian Ministry and Clanton Memorial Church that split families and friends. Details on a one-year anniversary of the reuniting on Saturday, Sept. 27 from noon to 3 p.m. are here.

- - -

Patrick Graham sent in a letter denying that the nonpartisan Urban League was taking partisan positions with the Republican Party, as suggested by a statement by a national Republican official quoted in the Charlotte Observer on Saturday, Sept. 20.

- - -

Jeremiah Chapman sent in an invitation to an Alma Adams for Congress get-out-the-vote meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 24 from 7-8 p.m. at 5004 Community Circle.

- - -

Jaye Maxx Alexander sent in a copy of Gov. Pat McCrory’s Sept. 22 newsletter.

- - -

Colette Forrest sent in an invitation to a early voting kick-off rally on Wednesday, Oct. 22 from 6-7 p.m. at the Excelsior Club, 921 Beatties Ford Rd.

- - -

Dena Diorio sent in a copy of her Sept. 22 Board Bulletin.

- - -

Charles Thomas sent in an invitation to FoodThink, a 48-hour “unconference” beginning Friday, Sept. 26 at 5 p.m. at Packard Place, 222 S. Church St., “to source ideas for solutions to healthy food issues in our region.” Details here.

- - -

Renee Jarrett sent in a save-the-date for a candidate forum on Thursday, Oct. 2 at 6 p.m. at the Friendship Missionary Baptist Church Conference Center, 3400 Beatties Ford Rd., and on the occasion of National Voter Registration Day, a set of suggestions on how to increase voter turnout.



 - - -

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Coffee's on

The Forum's Coffee Pot has free coffee for all. Free-will donations in excess of costs go to the work of the West Charotte Recreation Center. Details here.

 Donation in August: $25.88

Donations in 2014: $183.30

Since donations began: $1,405.83

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The Forum welcomes all to its meetings at 8:30 a.m. most Tuesdays at the West Charlotte Recreation Center, 2401 Kendall Drive, Charlotte, near West Charlotte High School.

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Community affairs

8-19-14 Darrell Gregory says young people, particularly those of color, are at war – with authorities, with families, even themselves. A look at an advisory body reaching out to programs that can improve young people's lives. An Oct. 1 seminar for those seeking funding has been scheduled.

8-19-14 Malcolm Graham describes the Indaba or "meeting of the elders" on Sept. 12-13 at J.C. Smith, focusing on parental engagement in the West Trade/Beatties Ford corridor.

6-17-14 Megan Boler, right, and Zachary Denard introduce the League of Conservation Voters.

4-1-14 Council member Vi Alexander Lyles addresses gentrification issue in Charlotte.

2-18-14 Joyce Waddell portrayed Harriet Tubman in Underground Railroad skit at Wallace Pruitt Rec Center.

2-18-14 "Lived Black History": Forum participants share stories of the pain, indignities – and coping – of life under segregation.

12-19-13 CharMeck Alerts come from fire, police, weather and health officials; Amber and Silver alerts about missing persons; and community alerts on events and traffic problems. Click above to sign up.

7-19-13 President Obama speaks about pain, uncertainty and opportunity in the wake of the Trayvon Martin verdict.

6-25-13 Khalil Kinsey previews the exhibition of artifacts from 400 years of African-American history, running July-October at the Gantt Museum.

5-7-13 Dr. Gyasi Foluke comments on African Americans' need for group pressure politics.

3-12-13 Toni Tupponce on A Sign of the Times in concert March 29-30 at West Charlotte.

2-19-13 Karen Gipson reports on the MLK Prayer Breakfast held Jan. 21 at the Charlotte Convention Center.

2-19-13 Dianna Davis promotes African American Festival on Feb. 23-24 at Independence High.

2-19-13 Blanche Penn previews her portrayal in the Underground Railroad exhibit at the Pruitt Rec Center.

1-14-13 A listing of MLK holiday events for the City of Charlotte, beginning with wreath-laying.

12-4-12 A Kwanzaa schedule of events for Charlotte, passed on by Vivian Mitchell.

12-4-12 LaWana Mayfield on city action to prevent a possible afterschool program shutdown in June.

 9-6-12 Dan Murrey offers alternate viewing sites for DNC acceptance speech..

8-28-12 Dr. Gyasi Foluke responds to the death of Khalil Malik Cousart, 13.

8-21-12 Police Chief Rodney Monroe on DNC security preparations.

8-14-12 Mayor Anthony Foxx on DNC, capital needs, growth, homelessness and his own political future.

8-7-12 Ben Carroll of Coalition to March on Wall Street South.

7-31-12 A'Shanti Gholar, DNC coordinator of public engagement.

7-24-12 Democrat NC's Robert Dawkins, Zaina Alsous and Stefan Weathers on get-out-the-vote efforts.

6-5-12 A recap of the day's discussion about how Charlotte celebrates the MLK holiday.

6-5-12 Dr. Gyasi Foluke's article arguing for a commemoration, not celebration, of Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr.

4-10-12 City Council members make case for public subsidies of uptown baseball.

2-28-12 Dr. Gyasi Foluke outlines "A Scheme Beyond the Dream" of Martin Luther King Jr.

2-14-12 Community groups outline their work.

2-7-12 An update on the Democratic National Convention.

1-16-12 Sarah Stevenson figures in news coverage of the MLK holiday.


See the Archive for earlier presentations on this subject.


6-17-14 Velma Love describes the Lee Thompson Young Foundation's aims to improve public awareness of mental health issues.

4-15-14 Leon Burton, right, who became CEO of C.W. Williams Community Health Center April 1, joins Mark Batson and Laura McClettie in outlining efforts to sign people up for the Affordable Care Act.

3-4-14 T.D. Elder, left, and Lillian Herron recall their years of nursing in Mecklenburg amid racism. 

3-19-13 Six experts describe a System of Care that has improved mental health interventions for children in crisis in Mecklenburg.

3-19-13 Whitni Wilson-Wertz outlines Junior League's work on mental and physical health for youth.

2-19-13 Lucy Bush Carter: Veggies from mobile market at Transit Center can go on EBT cards.

1-15-13 Ursula Douglas describes the Nurse-Family Partnership at Care Ring, the former Community Health Services.

12-11-12 Beverly Irby on how health care reform is changing the financing of health care for the poor.

5-15-12 Health care by single-payer plan was explained by Malyn Pratt and Health Care for All Charlotte.

3-6-12 Sickle cell and related diseases: A bookshelf of readings.

1-24-12 Anuvia staffers Carolina Bonilla and Jenny Wade outline the treatment center's work.


See the Archive for earlier presentations on this subject.



6-17-14 Vi Lyles comments on issues at stake in Kay Hagan's U.S. Senate re-election effort.

5-20-14 Lucy Inman, for 4 years a Superior Court judge, is running for a seat on the N.C. Court of Appeals.

3-18-14 Primary election season has begun. Here's an index to candidates who addressed the Forum.

Harry Jones11-26-13 Harry Jones interviewed by the Observer after Forum about running for county commission. 

9-3-13 Democratic mayoral candidates.

8-28-13 Edwin Peacock, right, and Dennis Peterson make a case for a big-tent GOP.

10-23-12 Congress hopefuls in the 9th and 12th Districts.

10-23-12 Soil commissioner hopeful Doug Hanks addresses questions about his postings on white supremacist web forum.

10-16-12 District Court judge candidates.

10-2-12 County commissioner at-large, N.C. Senate.

9-25-12 N.C. House candidates.

9-18-12 N.C. Senate hopefuls.

5-1-12 District Court judge candidates facing May 8 primaries.

4-24-12 N.C. Senate District 38 primary candidates.

4-17-12 N.C. House candidates.

4-10-12 County and U.S. House candidates in primaries.

4-3-12 County commissioner district candidates in primaries.


See the Archive for earlier presentations on this subject.

Government, Politics

8-26-14 Rep. Rodney Moore offers a thank-you for support during the recently ended legislative session.

8-12-14 Sen. Macolm Graham, left, and Sen. Joel Ford collaborate on an update on  legislative action.

8-5-14 Joel Ford raises concerns about MBE participation rate at the N.C. Department of Transportation.

8-5-14 Warren Cooksey discusses HOT lanes on I-77 as part of a DOT 101 presentation.

7-8-14 Joel Ford, right, along with Rodney Moore and Malcolm Graham offered a Raleigh Report.

7-1-14 Trevor Fuller on November referendum to increase sales tax, chiefly to pay for a teacher salary boost.

6-17-14 Judge Theo Nixon comments on changes in N.C. law related to fracking and resale of guns used in crimes.

6-17-14 Trevor Fuller on county budget and fall referendum on sales tax hike to boost teacher pay.

5-27-14 Randy Harrington, left, leads a presentation on the Charlotte operating budget and community investment plan.

5-13-14 County Manager Dena Diorio on the current budget process.

4-8-14 Dan Clodfelter asks for support the day before he begins an appointive term as Charlotte mayor.

3-18-14 Hagan Senate campaign political director Douglas Wilson assesses the campaign.

Trevor Fuller1-14-14 Trevor Fuller discusses leadership changes on the Mecklenburg County board.

9-17-13 Rep. Becky Carney: Recent protests prove that public opinion drives public policy.

5-7-13 Rep. Rodney Moore offers a view of how Democrats can return to power in Raleigh by 2018.

4-23-13 City Council member James Mitchell, left,  and Beatties Ford Road property owner Paul Holmes discuss Beatties Ford Road widening.

4-9-13 Mayor Pro Tem Patrick Cannon announces that he's considering a run for Charlotte mayor.

2-19-13 Becky Carney's Raleigh Report, sent in by Colette Forrest. 

1-22-13 N.C. Rep. Kelly Alexander on literacy tests for voting, Republican control of N.C. government, Art Pope and more.

12-11-12 Malachi Greene in defense of the Democratic Party. "We will prevail...we've been through these troughs."

11-20-12 N.C. Rep. Martha Alexander's post-election comments.

11-13-12 LaWana Mayfield: "We need to hear from the community." 

11-13-12 Harold Cogdell on "polarizing state of our nation."

11-13-12 Sen.-elect Joel Ford on what's ahead in Raleigh.

 9-25-12 N.C. Sen. Charlie Dannelly: An Appreciation by Dan Clodfelter.

6-19-12 City Council members discuss budget impasse.

6-5-12 Michael Barnes responds to an Observer editorial.

5-29-12 David Howard, Ruffin Hall and LaWana Mayfield explain the city's bond proposal and tax increase to pay for it.

5-22-12 Harold Cogdell reports on county budget.

4-17-12 Party control: Democrats and a Republican sound off on what difference it makes in N.C. General Assembly.

2-7-12 Budd Berro with message from office of Gov. Bev Perdue.
See the Archive for earlier presentations on this subject.


7-29-14 Denada Jackson, right,  predicts another jump in graduation rate at West Charlottte High.

7-1-14 Thomas Hanley describes the goals of Commonwealth High, a charter set to open in August.

6-3-14 Supt. Heath Morrison discusses CMS budget and impact on CMS of proposals before the legislature. 

5-14-14 Sandra Conway, left, and Elyse Dashew  spearhead a letterwriting and petition drive to fully fund the CMS budget.

4-29-14 James Ford, a Garinger High world history teacher, is the 2014 N.C. Teacher of the Year.

3-25-14 Akeshia Craven-Howell, right, and others from CMS discuss N.C. charter school law and relations between CMS and the charters.

3-11-14 Millard House and others offered an update on New Leaders, the nonprofit that trains lateral entry and school personnel for leadership jobs.

2-25-14 Arthur Griffin on "The Long Struggle for Equity in Education in NC," joined by Richard McElrath and Sarah Stevenson.

Sarah Stevenson9-26-13 Sarah Stevenson named Meck Ed's 2013 Champion of Education.

7-2-13 Arthur Griffin reviews education trends, warns of two-tiered public education system.

6-25-13 Allen Smith explains his task as CMS community superintendent for the Harding, Berry and West Meck areas.

5-28-13 Supt. Heath Morrison returns after a busy year. Video here captures answers to six questions from the Q&A.

4-16-13 Rev. Dr. Frederick Grosse outlines foster care work of Elon Homes and Schools for Children, which will move to J.C. Smith campus.

3-12-13 Dr. Nicole Priestly on the Title 1 schools she oversees in the CMS Central Zone.

3-12-13 Stacey Rose offers of the educational vision behind her charter application for Charlotte Learning Academy.

2-26-13 CMS town hall Wednesday  Feb. 27 at E.E. Waddell about task forces. Click for flier.

2-19-13 Richard McElrath expresses concern that new CMS math exam that focus on reading problems will be a new barrier for struggling students.

2-12-13 West Charlotte High Principal John Wall: Focus is on individual students.

2-11-13 Supt. Heath Morrison's "initial thoughts on cultural competency" – printed Sunday by the Charlotte Observer.

2-5-13 LaTarzja Henry explains her new role for CMS: nurturing partnerships and parent engagement.

1-29-13 New Leaders panelists explain the teacher- and principal-training program in CMS.

1-8-13 StudentFirst Academy staff describe plans for westside charter school.

12-4-12 Richard McElrath on link between housing patterns and school success.

12-4-12 Ken Simmons on what he thinks it will take for West Charlotte High School to succeed.

11-13-12 Brandi Williams with a Project L.I.F.T. update.

10-27-12 Ken Simmons on what it will take to curtail bullying.

10-23-12 Richard McElrath on CMS talks about housing patterns and education.

10-2-12 Joyce Waddell on need for more attendance at Morrison's town halls.

10-2-12 Richard McElrath on CMS changes already under way.

9-25-12 Yvette Smith offers a briefing on Title I policies at CMS.

9-11-12 Supt. Heath Morrison addresses questions about CMS.

7-10-12 Charity Bell addresses changes in the CMS Central Secondary Zone that she leads.

7-3-12 Denise Watts offers an update on Project L.I.F.T.

5-22-12 Thornton Howard argues for the power of all those other four-letter words.

5-8-12 Dr. Gyasi Foluke presented a statement to the CMS school board. He shares it here.

4-24-12 Dr. Heath Morrison visits on the day he was to be named CMS superintendent.

2-28-12 Artist Tommy Robinson offers a critique of American education.

1-31-12 Jean Desravines on New Leaders and its school leadership training efforts.

1-17-12 New CMS leaders Ericka Ellis-Stewart and Mary McCray.


See the Archive for earlier presentations on this subject.

Housing, Workplace

9-2-14 The Young Entrepreneurs Network is helping young business owners learn the ropes. 

2-11-14 Anna Hood, right, and Fannie Flono discuss breaking down barriers in the workplace.

4-23-13 Fulton Meachem on Charlotte Housing Authority's vision, and some of the barriers to reaching it.

8-28-12 Steve Partridge, CEO of Charlotte Works, talks about the workforce training and job placement program.

5-22-12 Stoney Sellars speaks on redefining the purpose of business success.


See the Archive for earlier presentations on this subject.

Et cetera

3-11-14 Sandra Clory on trip to Egypt and the Falasha or Ethopian Jews that her father called his people.

Vernon Herron1-21-14 Dr. Vernon Herron opens the Forum with a remembrance of his longtime friend T.B. Haynes and civil rights pioneer Franklin McCain.

7-9-13 Newcomer Lathan Wood talks about a disconnect between Forum discussions and what's going on inside the city's schools and colleges.

6-4-13 Kaa Ma'at outlined plans to file for an FCC to operate a low-power FM station serving west Charlotte.

4-30-13 TyNia Rene' Brandon, Miss Queen City 2013, sings from repetoire that will take her to the Miss North Carollina pageant.

3-24-13 Former Forum presenters Valaida Fullwood and Charles Thomas appear at TEDxCharlotte.

3-19-13 Belk internal auditor and outgoing chief diversity officer Nicole Dean talks about the retailer's community involvement and education efforts.

3-17-13 And who would this dapper young man be behind the microphone? Help us tell that story.

2-19-13 Sheila Peltzer offers an update on push for shared parenting law.

1-22-13 Sheila Peltzer makes case for shared parenting in North Carolina child custody cases.

12-18-12 The Christmas Party, led by Natheley McElrath.

7-3-12 JCSU staffer Torrey Feimster addresses rumor that university will phase out its teacher training program.

6-26-12 Sam Divine of Atlanta discusses his roots in Liberia.

6-14-12 B.B. De Laine dies; lived a life tied up with school desegregation and the betterment of all of God's children.

5-22-12 Thomas Moore talks about teaching at Benedict College in Columbia, and the need to refocus on the needs of all children.

2-28-12 Joel Ford makes an announcement.


See the Archive for earlier presentations on this subject.